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  • Patient friendly IVF means it should be physically & economically friendly.
  • It will be with in short period of time with optimum & higher success rate.
  • What is need to think regarding patient friendly IVF?

In the era of high end technology, latest instruments & state of the art infrastructure with the combination of experienced clinical team, stringent protocols will give high success rate in IVF.

Selection criteria for female:

P.C.O.S patients with normal fertility power with 2 I.U.I failures.

Male Infertility:

Infertility with count between 10 to 12 million & motility between 15 to 20% Doctors at NFC have faith that we will provide high success rate through patient friendly IVF as compare to I.U.I

Physically friendly IVF: In conventional IVF patient has to take 40 injections whereas in patient friendly IVF it limits only up to 15 injections with minimum hormone content.

Economically: As the number of injections goes down it will reduce total costing of IVF.

Time friendly : Only 2 or 3 visits are required for this type of patient friendly approach.

Perfect selection of gamets , state of the art infrastructure & IVF lab, cutting edge technology will ensure high success rate.

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