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Is no fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks of pregnancy a sign of miscarriage?

Miscarriage is one of the most stressful situations for a couple who are trying hard for conceiving. Such couples if achieve pregnancy but no fetal heartbeat is visible, can assume the condition as a miscarriage. 

Most of the newly married couples who try for conception do not succeed because they are not aware of the right way to conceive. As a result, they get stressed and start visiting infertility specialists and gynecologists.

The Covid-19 vaccination drive in the country is one of the major steps taken for safeguarding the population against Coronavirus. There are a lot of confusions in women regarding vaccination.

Tight-packed schedules, mind-numbing work hours, excessive work load, and thirst for appraisals have turned our lives into stressful ones. This abnormal level of stress has plunged a lot of people’s lives.

The different types of diabetes; and how they affect infertility problem  diabetes usually occurs in a person on or just reaching puberty. In Type I diabetes the beta cells of the pancreas stop making insulin completely.

It is well known that obesity is associated with a general decline in overall fertility, with a significant relationship existing between high body fat and problems with reproduction. It is therefore becoming increasingly.

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