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Everything About the Surrogacy Treatment

The word surrogate means substitute, and a surrogate mother is someone who gestates (conceives and carries within the uterus) and then gives birth to a child for another person, with the full intention of handing the child over to that person after the birth.

In India, the surrogate mother must not have any genetic link to the child she carries for the commissioning ( intended) parent or parents. This is called gestational surrogacy. Therefore, her egg may not be used in the surrogacy arrangement. (This is called traditional surrogacy, and is illegal). The egg and sperm used to form the embryo for transfer to the womb of the surrogate mother must be provided by the commissioning parent or parents (the person or people for whom the surrogate is becoming pregnant) or a donor.

In some cases, a donor egg may be used in conjunction with the commissioning father’s sperm or donor sperm may be used in conjunction with the commissioning mother’s egg to form an embryo for transfer to the surrogate’s womb.

Surrogacy And ART

Surrogacy can be seen as an alternative form of ART that can assist a person or couple to have a child. There are a number of situations where a surrogacy arrangement may be considered, for example:

  • A woman is unable to become pregnant as she has had a hysterectomy or is missing part of her uterus, uterine lining, ovaries or other parts of the genital tract.
  • A woman may have a health condition which makes pregnancy dangerous or she may not be able to carry a baby to term.
  • A couple in a male same-sex relationship may wish to have a child using their sperm.
  • A man may wish to have a child but have no partner.
  • A woman, who has embryos in storage with her male partner, dies and the male wishes to use the embryos to have a child.

Surrogacy In India, India Is A Hub!!! Find Out Why?

  • Indian females are free from habits like tobacco chewing, smoking etc..
  • Surrogate mother will abide for contract for any habits.
  • Age of SM: Most of the surrogates are less than 28 years, as they have already completed family at early age.
  • Culture: Rich family values make India different from other countries.
  • Financial Independence: The amount that we give to surrogate is almost equivalent to earnings of 6 year.
  • Law: liberal law & very clear I.C.M.R guidelines.

Surrogacy, Laws & Ethics- India & Surrogacy In India

The first ICMR guidelines in India were released in 2002 & in October 2008 the Supreme Court unequivocally ruled that commercial surrogacy in India is legal and an industry in India, making it a legally protected.


  • We will give choice of options for surrogates via online.
  • Patient requires one day visit for India after patient got the Medical visa confirmation.
  • One or two days visits are required.
  • Detailed consultation & counseling will be done
  • After confirmation contract will be signed.

Nishant Fertility Center – Our Process Of Surrogacy In Rajasthan, India

  • Recruitment of Surrogates
  • Mail us on website for any query.
  • Quick reply within 24 hours. Where first we will give provide you all information. Book your consultations with doctor on Skype.
  • Once you are satisfied with consultations we will proceed further by confirmation
  • We will plan IVF & transfer Embryo.
  • We will send details of Surrogates on Embryo transfer day & will plan Skype with Surrogates.
  • Surrogate Mother will be shifted to Surrogate house.
  • Surrogate mother will be provided fully furnished house with 24 hour pantry & security & WIFI zone . Frequent visits by Medical Officer for continuous observation.
  • Skype Meeting with you & SM will be planned according to your convenient time.
  • If Results are positive every 15 days Skype meeting will be planned , & all documents treatment & 4D sonogrpahy will be sent to your periodically.
  • During Pregnancy obstetrician visit ,4D sonogrpahy nutritional food , Yoga ,exercise, surrogate tour will be planned for them.

Unique Facilities At NFC Surrogacy

  • Separate dedicated department for Surrogacy in India.
  • Quick answer to all your queries on mail.
  • Vast selection of SM
  • All procedures & standards are maintained according to International guidelines.
  • Luxurious & near well equipped maintained houses for Surrogates.
  • Skype meeting with Surrogates , yoga, exercise & SM tour of city .
  • Daily activities for Surrogates.
  • Separate legal department.

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